Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Commentary

After viewing other peers’ website, I found that my website has plenty of improvement that can be done, in order to create a perfect website. The improvements can focus on three areas, visual design, activity design and element of interaction.

First reflection is on the visual design. According to the feedback from Jessie, my website is too serious. Actually, I agree with her but I do not think that is a big matter because my target students are not young learners. Their cognitive development has already had the certain maturation; thus, I prefer to focus on the message inside the website rather than the visual attraction.

Next point is activity design, in terms of material selection. The flaw here is that I did not use the resource very well. I select a website that introduces North Stradbroke Island and I only use some of the articles inside. The point is that the Internet is one type of authentic text and in order to learn a language, understanding culture is essential. Therefore, I would like to use this website to reveal life style to students. Nevertheless, I mainly focused on reading activity and this focus might help students to practice a certain skill. However, the integration is incomplete. It did not really deliver the message that I want to send to the students.

Finally, the interaction in this website is not obvious. Even though computer is a tool to learn English, the interaction can cross to peers by it. The activities I designed are still too traditional orientation, only paid attention on language micro skill. The improvement can be peer work, collaborative and associate with each other to plan a trip by all the conditions in the website. One more improvement is that asking students really use the web address on the website to book a room or writing a letter, really use language in ‘real’ world and interact with native speakers.

Three points above are the reflection on my website design. One more reflection is that the use of hot potato. It is a very convenient and useful tool for teachers to attract students’ attention. During the whole designing process, it was fun for me too. The only thing is that if a teacher does not have certain computer ability, he / she might face plenty of problems in this software. Moreover, I doubt that the role of assessment by using hot potato. I think that the role of practice is more obvious than assessment because the activity might be completed not by students. They might complete by any type of help, such as Google or peers’ help. Thus I have doubt that of the role of assessment. However, it was a great chance for me to learn a new knowledge and I really enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My project

Hi, Dear

I've uploaded my project.
Please spend some time to have a look and give me some feedbacks.
Really appreciate. :)


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One more picture for the party


We had a party in the house last friday.

It was a good party because we can understand each other more.

I bought two bottles of white wine. I thought only me like them.

Well, after two glasses of them, I found only empty bottles.

I was happy because I picked up the right wine and every one enjoyed it.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I wish I were a cat

I wish I were a cat.

When I see my cat which is so lazy.

I wish Iwere she.


Polly, our cat is the boss of this house.

She can entry any rooms without asking.

She can stay wherever she wants but the only thing is controlled by us.

If we don't put food for her, she must be hungry.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Welcome to my small world

Welcome everyone!!! :)

The second semester has begun.

Let's join me and descover my small universe.